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Over 100 Wedding Photos For The Big Day!

Your wedding will be a day that you will look back on with fond memories for the rest of your life! Our biggest regret from our own wedding is that we never got a photo of Jen and her Mom. Not. a. single. one! We could have easily fixed that if we had only had a personalized wedding photo checklist to give our wedding photographer!

One of the most important parts of wedding planning is to create a shot list to give to your photographer. This will give your wedding photographer a clear list of photographs that you would like to have. Obviously, you expect more than just these photos, but having a list of wedding photos to hand to your photographer will ensure that you don't lose a single precious moment.

Don't fall into the "just take pictures of everything" trap! Your wedding photographer will do their best to document the entire day, but by giving them a list of wedding shots that you expect, it clearly communicates to them what shots you expect to receive. It also gives YOU more confidence, knowing that these special elements of your big day will never be forgotten.

So here's our wedding photo list to give you some ideas. We've left plenty of room for you to include your own desired shots as well! Feel free to copy and paste from this post to add to your own personalized idea list, or click below to DOWNLOAD our wedding photo checklist!

Wedding Photo List - samandjenna.com
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Bride Getting Ready:

  1. Bride’s Accessories

  2. Bride’s Perfume

  3. Bride and Bridesmaid's Bouquets

  4. Wedding Shoes

  5. Wedding Dress Hanging Up

  6. Bride and Bridesmaids Having Hair and Makeup Done

  7. Bride Putting On Accessories and Perfume

  8. Bride Getting Into Wedding Dress

  9. Veil

  10. Full-length Portrait of the Bride

  11. Bride looking out Window or At Mirror

  12. Bride with Mother Portrait

  13. Bride with Maid of Honour

  14. Bride with Bridesmaids

  15. Bridesmaids

  16. Bride and Flower Girl(s)

  17. Flower Girl(s)

  18. Father of the Bride First Look

Groom Getting Ready:

  1. Groom’s Accessories

  2. Groom’s Boutonniere

  3. Groom’s Suit/Tux Hanging

  4. Groom and Groomsmen Getting Ready

  5. Groomsmen Fixing Groom’s Tie

  6. Groom

  7. Groom with Best Man

  8. Groom with Groomsmen

  9. Groomsmen

  10. Groom with Ring Bearer/Page Boy

  11. Ring Bearer/Page Boy

  12. Groom and Parents

Before the Ceremony:

  1. Morning of the Wedding Shot

  2. Wedding Venue Outside

  3. Wedding Venue Inside

  4. The Ceremony Room Layout

  5. The Ceremony Room Details

  6. Guest Gift Boxes/Bags

  7. Wedding Stationary

  8. Wedding and Engagement Rings

  9. Musicians/Singers

  10. Officiant

  11. Arrival of the Bride

  12. The First Look

During the Ceremony:

  1. Officiant, Groom, and Best Man

  2. Groom Waiting at the Altar

  3. Family Being Seated

  4. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Walking Down the Aisle

  5. Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

  6. Bride Walking Down the Aisle

  7. Groom’s Reaction When He Sees the Bride

  8. Guest’s Reactions

  9. Giving Away of the Bride

  10. Wide Shot of the Wedding Party

  11. Marriage Vows

  12. Exchanging of the Rings

  13. The Marriage License

  14. The Kiss!

  15. “Just Married” Shot

  16. Walking (or running) Back Up the Aisle as Husband and Wife

  17. Crowd’s Celebration

  18. Receiving Line

  19. Leaving the Ceremony

After the Ceremony Posed Photos:

  1. Full-length portrait of Bride and Groom

  2. Close-up of Bride and Groom

  3. Close-up of Rings/Hands

  4. Bride and Groom Kissing

  5. Bride and Groom Under the Veil

  6. Outdoor Photo of Bride and Groom On Venue Grounds

  7. Bride Close-ups

  8. Groom Close-ups

  9. Individual and Group Shots with Both Sets of Parents/Families

  10. Grandparents

  11. Immediate Family Group Shot

  12. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

  13. Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, and Groomsmen

  14. Bride and Groomsmen

  15. Groom and Bridesmaids

  16. The Entire Wedding Party

  17. Photo With Pet(s)

  18. Guest Book

  19. Rings with Invitation

  20. Bride and Groom with all of Their Guests

The Reception:

  1. Reception Venue Setup

  2. Tables and Decor

  3. Place Settings

  4. Other Details and Decorations

  5. Wedding Cake

  6. Food and Dessert

  7. Bride and Groom’s Entrance

  8. Cutting of the Cake

  9. Eating of the Cake

  10. First Dance

  11. Father-Daughter Dance

  12. Guests Dancing

  13. Entertainment/DJ/Band

  14. Toasts and Speeches

  15. Candid Shot of Guests

  16. Couple Chatting with Guests

  17. Tossing of the Bouquet

  18. Gifts

  19. Bride and Groom End of Day

  20. The Send Off

  21. “Just Married” Car/Carriage

  22. Bride and Groom in Car/Carriage

  23. Car/Carriage Leaving

What shots would you include in your wedding photo list? Let us know in the comments!


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