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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

One of the most remarkable moments in any person's life is when they meet the person they know they want to spend the rest of their life with. However, one of the hardest parts of any persons life is figuring out who that person is! We never thought when we first met in the parking lot of Chick-Fil-A during our first semester of college that we would spend the rest of our lives together. Especially since our first conversation went something like this... Sam: "So Jenna, what part of England are you from?" Jenna: "I don't know." and that was it. Not another word. It was definitely love at first sight!

If you didn't already know, Jenna was born and raised in England. As in, one million cups of tea a day (with her pinky up in the air), crumpets and scones, Big Ben, the whole nine yards. Yep, that's right! She's a Brit through and through. And no, she has never met the Queen! Sam on the other hand had spent his entire life in Tennessee, playing banjos, eating worms, shooting guns, and proudly waving his American flag. Only God could have brought us both together!

After we met, Sam's inside sources (AKA Jenna's friends) informed him that they did not think she would be interested in a relationship, so he decided not to use any of his sweet 'moves' to try to woo her over just yet! We stayed friends throughout our first semester of college and would talk to each other occasionally just to say hello.

During the second semester of college, Sam finally got enough courage to ask Jenna to the annual Valentine's Banquet. This was a BIG deal. Only losers didn't have a date to the banquet! One afternoon, he very timidly walked into the library (where she worked) and asked her to find a book for him, all the while feeling like his heart was about to EXPLODE. Jenna led Sam to the back of the library where he had laid out a rose and two tickets to the banquet and she accepted his offer to take her. In Jenna's mind, they were just two good friends going to an innocent banquet together. But in Sam's mind, Jenna had basically just accepted an offer to marry him. After that day, we began to spend time with each other on a daily basis and quickly realized that we both had feelings for each other.

Sam and Jenna at a Valentine's Banquet dressed up all fancy

That summer we were separated for three months as we both traveled in different college singing groups. (Yes, we both sing, get your concert tickets now!) The day before we went our separate ways, Sam took Jenna for a walk in the park and asked her if she would do him the honor of becoming his girlfriend and, of course, she said YES! The next day they left for different parts of the country.

A young couple are standing on a bridge with a lake in the background

Months later, Jenna left the U.S. to go home with her family for the holidays. It was one of the hardest times we had ever experienced as a couple. We cried our eyes out at the airport, even though we would see each other again in a week! We were two pathetic souls with tear-ridden eyes. On the way home from saying goodbye to Jenna, Sam had made up his mind that he would never go through the torture of saying goodbye like that again. Within an hour of leaving the airport, he had purchased a ring! Not a rash decision in the slightest. On New Years Eve, Sam tucked the ring into his pocket and hopped on a plane to meet Jenna in England.

One day while we were walking through some lovely gardens at Rougemont Castle, Sam got down on one knee, more nervous than he had ever been in his life, and asked Jenna to marry him. Jenna's answer: "I don't know".

Only joking, she said YES!

Exactly one year after we started dating, we "tied the knot" and we haven't untied it since! It was the most magical day of our entire lives.

A bride and groom hold hands with a door separating them and pray together before the wedding ceremony
Sam and Jenna's wedding photo at Rock Island State Park in Tennessee

Since then, we have enjoyed every moment together and couldn't be more excited to pursue our dream of spending even more time together through our photography business! The feelings that we felt on our wedding day will forever inspire us to capture some of those same feelings in the lives of many others throughout the special moments of their lives.

A man and woman hug after the woman graduates from college
Sam and Jenna with their adorable new puppy "Ava"
Sam and Jenna sit in a field and smile after becoming wedding photographers

Are you looking for a photographer? Sam and Jenna are a husband and wife photography team that have a deep passion for helping people capture timeless memories through the lens of their cameras.

Our style is an elegant, light and airy, modern look. We LOVE meeting new people and we want to make sure that you feel comfortable, have fun, and most importantly that you love your photos! We want you to be able to share these precious memories with your children, grandchildren, and the many generations to come!

We are wedding photographers based in Exeter, Devon, which is in the Southwest of England. However, we often travel ANYWHERE in the UK, as well as worldwide! Fill in the contact form to book your slot! We can't wait to hear from you and look forward to capturing your special moments.

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