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Our 3rd Mooniversary Trip

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Last week on the blog, we shared our Anniversary photos. We are SO in love with how they turned out! If you read the post then you should know by now what in the world a "Mooniversary" is. If you would like to see our anniversary photos and find out what a Mooniversary is, click here!

You know how most vacations seem to absolutely fly by? One day you're leaving work for a whole week break but then it seems like the very next day your walking back into your office. It feels like you never even took a vacation. Usually that's us. And we DESPISE feeling like our vacation lasted only a few hours even though we were gone for a week! But thankfully, this year for some reason our vacation felt like we were away for ages. We're not completely sure why it seemed to go slow but we loved not feeling like we've been robbed a week of relaxation. For us, it was great because we really weren't dreading getting back to the daily routine since we felt like we were gone for months!

Perhaps it had something to do with all the rainy days we had on our trip. It could also have something to do with our car's timing belt needing to be replaced that quickly made our vacation even more expensive. It could also be because of that one AirBNB we stayed in that smelt strongly of cats. (Since then, we have completely decided that we will never be "cat people") Perhaps most people would have let those circumstances ruin their trip. But we were determined to have a good time.

So when we had to walk an hour in the rain while our car was getting fixed, we STILL enjoyed our time together. Because we only get a small amount of time on this earth and far less of that time is spent with family on vacation. Make the most of every moment no matter how bad the storms are.

Needless to say, our trip was quite the adventure!

Sam wishes he could take credit for catching this shark. At least he was there to photograph the three guys it took to hold it down!

Everywhere we go, Jenna always gets a penny from a penny press!

At the gator swamp.

A nice shelter in between two palm tree roots.

Not exactly a sunny welcome from the "Sunshine State".

There was this random boat that was beached. It was there the whole week. We still have no idea what happened to it's owners!

Lovely beach view of the storm coming in. Made a dash for the car!

No, we are not golfers. But yes, we went out there and embarrassed ourselves anyway!

Jen is pretty much a pro. She can swing a dozen times in a row and never hit the ball. Not many people have such talent! Here's a rare shot of her hitting one.

Sam on the other hand is great at hitting the dirt!

Rita's milkshakes. We STILL dream about them every night.

On the dunes. Best beach in the world!

Sam using his face to make a beautiful background for a ring shot.

Sam's amazing ring shot on a sand turtle. Yes, this was his idea.

Sam just LOVES his turtles!

Places Visited: Port Royal, SC. Hunting Island, SC. St. Augustine, FL. Anastasia State Park, FL. Savannah, GA. Tybee Island, GA.

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