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One Way To Start Enjoying Your Photos Right Now!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Five Reasons To Start Using Google Photos

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Whether you're a professional photographer, or just a mom who takes photos of her "perfect" children, today's blog post is for you! Because in today's world, human beings are taking a LOT more photos than they were in the past. In fact, according to a recent study, over 1.2 trillion photos are taken every year in the world and that number is on the rise. It has already doubled in the last five years alone!

Why are we taking so many photos? It's quite simple really. Because photos are soooo easy to take these days! Gone are the days of the glorious film cameras with an extremely limited amount of photos you can take. Gone are the days that you have to take your roll of film in to get it developed and wait a few days to get them back. Gone are the days where cameras were pretty inconvenient to carry around. Today, anybody with a cellphone (over 5 billion people right now) can take a photo and have instant results!

With so. many. photos, what are some ways to enjoy them? We're glad you asked!

Our favorite way to enjoy photos can be summed up in two words: Google Photos. Those are our two favorite words in the entire world! (not really). I mean, who doesn't love Google? And who doesn't love photos? Put those two together and you have a perfect combination. It's like PB&J, Salt and Pepper, or Batman & Robin, they just make so much sense together!

Here's a couple of reasons why we absolutely looove Google Photos so much:

1. Free Unlimited High Quality Storage Space

No, we're not making this up. Google photos literally has unlimited, HIGH-QUALITY, storage space for your photos. At last count, we have a combined total of 32,000+ photos uploaded to google photos. Imagine having to get all of those developed. Yikes! Thank God for digital photos!

Now the only issue is if you want to have the photos in original quality, you can, but you only get 15gb storage at that point. However, after much comparison, we can barely tell the difference between Original or High quality.

Just remember, this is for YOU to enjoy your photos. So if you're a "pro" photographer, we wouldn't suggest using Google Photos to deliver your client's album to them.

2. Google Photos Can't Be Lost In A House Fire

Jenna's family lost almost ALL of their family home videos in one house disaster. They only recovered a few videos of Jenna's amazing 3yr old riverdance moves.

Countless stories have been told of families who have lost precious memories due to a unforeseen disaster. Just so you know, this isn't limited to printed photos! One Christmas, Sam's family lost all of the photos on a computer because one wrong button that was pressed. If your photos are on a memory card, flash drive, laptop, etc. they are not exempt from being lost forever!

Google Photos is wonderful because it is a way to ensure that you will always have a copy of your photos no matter what happens!

3. All Your Photos In One Place, Accessible At Any Time

This one is probably already a given, but just think about it. Literally all of your photos are in one single place, yet you can pull them up at any time on your computer, tablet, or phone! You don't have to go dig out your old albums from the attic anymore. You can show off your favorite photos right from your phone no matter where you are!

4. Awesome Movies!

Now this is definitely one of our favorite features of Google Photos. Basically, if you're taking a lot of photos over a small period of time, Google will make you a video of your photos and add some fun music to it! Granted, Google doesn't always do a great job selecting the best photos but it's pretty easy to swap out the photos you want.

Here is a video that Google Photos made of our most recent trip to England:

Pretty awesome right?

5. The List Goes On and On...

There are so many cool things to love about Google Photos. Here's a few more things to love:

You can create shared albums that your friends or family can add photos to. This is pretty cool for family events or holidays.

You can scan your printed photos and turn them into digital images using Google PhotoScan. This may take awhile if you are like Sam's family and literally have a gazillion printed photos. But it's pretty awesome if you never want to lose all of those memories.

Google Photos also has pretty amazing recognition software. You can search "Tree" and it will pull up every photo with a tree. It also has the ability to recognize faces. You can search something like "Photos of Mom" and it will show all the photos of your mom.

Okay, okay, okay, this is the LAST feature we'll share that we love about Google Photos. If you have Google Chromecast, you can have it slideshow randomly through all of your Google Photos right on your TV! It's basically like a never ending digital photo frame! This has been an awesome way for us to enjoy seeing our favorite images throughout our adventure of life together.

Honeymoon couple on a Sailboat having their photo taken

Life happens fast. The best way to look back on wonderful memories is by looking back on your photos! In our minds, Google Photos provides THE BEST way to reflect back on all the happy moments in your life.

P.S. We don't receive a single penny for promoting Google Photos. We seriously love it THAT much!


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