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Knoxville Senior Portraits - Class of 2018: Jerry

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Jerry is a senior graduating through Temple Academy. He is confident, intelligent, and in case you haven't noticed, completely photogenic. He looks great in any photo!

We met in Downtown Knoxville to take his senior portraits and we had a blast! It was so much fun shooting these photos, we laughed our whole way through this shoot (mostly Jerry laughing at himself!) I just love the images we got!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day.

Sitting on church steps thinking about future possibilities
A young man enjoying his photo session with Exeter Photographers, Sam and Jenna.
Man wearing a blue checked shirt smiles at the camera while sitting on old church stairs
Collegiate smiles during photo session with Devon photographers
A man wearing a nice blue shirt smiles during photography shoot
Close up headshot beside lake by Exeter photographers
Man swings over the water and smiles during a photo shoot with Devon photographers, Sam and Jenna
Model sitting beside lake
Graduate smiles while wearing cap and gown
Celebrating a lifetime milestone during photography session
Male stands on bridge and smiles at the camera during Sam and Jenna Photographer session
Jerry looks away from the camera while sitting on bridge steps
Male model sits on steps and thinks of future possibilities during a photo session with Sam and Jenna Photography, photographers in Exeter, Devon
Individual wearing a cap and gown in a black and white photo
Subject of black and white photo smiles in front of a brick wall during a photo session with Exeter photographers
Handsome young man sitting on a park bench looking at the camera during a photo op
Graduate having photo taken during a session with Sam and Jenna Photography
Young man sits in front old church doors during a session with Devon photographers
Handsome young man looks at camera by the lake
A view over a young man's shoulder looking over a lake during a photography session with Sam and Jenna
Man near a lake and a famous landmark
Close up photo during a photo session with Exeter photographers
A young man leans on a bridge rail while Exeter photographers take his photo
Bright and happy photo by Exeter Photographers
Epic photo of a man in his twenties sitting on a bench during his photoshoot
A young man leans on rocks while having his photo taken by Sam and Jenna
A man in his twenties smiles while leaning on a bridge during his photography session

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