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Ijams Nature Center

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

This weekend we decided to go on a family picnic with our pup, Ava. We came across this beautiful nature reserve that we had no idea existed even though it's only 15 minutes from home! It was a truly beautiful place with wonderful scenery and hiking trails. It would definitely be a stunning location for a wedding or portrait session and we can't wait to do a shoot here!! (Ava also thought it would be a great place for pet photography)

Our little Ava Bear is not much of an adventurer and definitely prefers the sedentary lifestyle. She spends most of her days sleeping on the couch and sunbathing in the yard. We are pretty sure that after her day trip to Ijams she has decided the outdoor life is just not for her... As we were walking along the dock, Ava got a bit confused and thought that the leaves floating on top of the river were solid ground. Out she stepped and down she went, it was about the most majestic looking splash dive a dog could achieve. Such grace. Such beauty. It's a good job that Sam was there to photograph the traumatic event while Jenna saved Ava's life. Needless to say Ava has now announced her retirement from splash diving and plans to spend the rest of her days relaxing on her favorite couch!

Swimming Dog
Dog fell in river
Ijams Quarry
Ijams Dog

Puppy Kisses
Ijams Hiking

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