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Falling in Love with Photography

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

I have had a special interest in photography for a long time, but back in 2010 someone lent me their camera to photograph a wedding. It was an amazing camera, and I was so excited! That was the moment I fell in love with photography. It was a simple wedding and I was a 16 year old with no photography experience but it was a wonderful day and the couple truly appreciated having someone to take their wedding photos.

Ever since I had the opportunity to photograph this wedding I have wanted to get into photography but I have never been brave enough to try! Well, I'm finally stepping out and starting my very own photography business 'Jenna Louise Photography' and I look forward to capturing special moments in people's lives that will last a lifetime. I'm so excited to finally be doing something that I love and am passionate about!

Are you looking for a photographer? Sam and Jenna are a husband and wife photography team that have a deep passion for helping people capture timeless memories through the lens of their cameras.

Our style is an elegant, light and airy, modern look. We LOVE meeting new people and we want to make sure that you feel comfortable, have fun, and most importantly that you love your photos! We want you to be able to share these precious memories with your children, grandchildren, and the many generations to come!

We are wedding photographers based in Exeter, Devon, which is in the Southwest of England. However, we often travel ANYWHERE in the UK, as well as worldwide! Fill in the contact form to book your slot! We can't wait to hear from you and look forward to capturing your special moments.

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