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Dreamy Anniversary Photoshoot | John & Ashley

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Ashley and John are coming up on their first wedding anniversary and we feel SO privileged to have captured these gorgeous memories for them! You know those couples that just radiate joy? Well, Ashley and John are definitely one of those couples!

Everything was glowing from the beautiful sunset, but it really was no match for the way these two glowed around each other. Their laughter is infectious. From the very beginning of their anniversary session, we knew it was going to be a great photoshoot and that we were going to capture some really beautiful photos of two beautiful people!

We just LOVE the dreamy surroundings of this photoshoot. The lake, the meadows, the forrests, it was all just so romantic! You can clearly tell that these two lovebirds will live a long and happy life together. The way that they look lovingly into each others eyes just makes you all warm inside knowing that such love exists in the world. Everyone's story is different, and this beautiful couple is truly an inspiration of how to love one another while journeying through life together.

Ashley and John, we loved every minute of our time with you two. The way you laugh together and the way you look at each other truly shows how much you love each other! We hope that these photos will be a special memory for you as you celebrate your first year of marriage as husband and wife.

Couple snuggle up together while sitting in grass during a photo session with Exeter wedding photographer
Light and airy photo of a happy couple sitting in a gorgeous, grassy field during a gorgeous sunset
Sunset photo of a young couple in love during a photography session with Devon photographers
A man kisses a woman on the head while standing in a grassy field during sunset photoshoot
A husband kisses his wife on the head with romantic natural surroundings during a photoshoot with Sam and Jenna Photography
Couple during a golden sunset is having their portraits taken by Exeter portrait photographers
A Sam and Jenna photography couple are having their photo taken in a wooded area during sunset
Couple hug in the forest during a photo session with Exeter wedding photographers
A beautiful woman hugs her husband and looks into the camera
Two love birds sitting in a rural tall grass field snuggle up to each other
A lovely couple have their photo taken while the man sweeps the woman off of her feet during golden hour
A woman smiles as her man puts his head on her head during a sunset photoshoot by Exeter wedding photographers
A man in a suit hugs his wife and they both are smiling during their golden light photoshoot near a lake with Devon wedding photographers
Mr and Mrs have their photos taken near a lake by Devon Photographers
A well dressed couple stroll through a gorgeous meadow at sunset
A happy couple smile into each other's eyes while the man lifts the woman off the ground
A couple shares a romantic kiss during a photoshoot
A couple lost in dreamy forest surroundings have their photo taken by Exeter wedding photographer
A man picks up his woman and the couple kiss
A couple are glowing with love for each other after kissing at sunset
A man and woman stroll through a beautiful grassy field and look into each other's eyes during a sunset photo shoot with Devon wedding photographers, Sam and Jenna

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